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Ben Falcón

Ph.D. Student at The Ohio State University

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Howdy! I'm a first-year political science Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University specializing in international relations, political methodology, and formal theory. My current research interests include great power politics, international conflict, diplomatic history, and the international order, with a particular focus on Asia and US-China competition.


My research focuses on the nexus between international and regional orders with particular emphasis on hierarchies, rising powers, and power transitions. Like many scholars before me, I intend to test new arguments about rising power behavior and the American-led international system,.

With a regional focus on Central and South Asia, I seek to study the effects of the rise of China and the intensification of US-China competition on the international and regional order. Two key questions motivate my research interests: First, where and why do states exercise their influence? Second, how has their intervention affected established regional dynamics (i.e., alliances, strategic thinking) among state actors? I hope to enhance the general knowledge of the disputes in Asia and understand the conditions under which rising powers like China intervene. ​

My most recent work has explored issues of interstate conflict, peace durability, and state responses to transnational issues of human security like refugee migration. Other interests of mine include how in which great power politics manifests itself within global governance institutions like the United Nations and the relationship between historical boundaries and patterns of conflict among states. 



Trinity University — San Antonio, TX 

HIST 3352, Modern History of Syria (3-credit)

Dr. David Lesch, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2021

  • Prepared and led class discussions for the advanced undergraduate course; provided feedback on essays and response papers; held regular office hours.

FYE 1600, A Successful Life (3-credit)

Dr. Amy F. Holmes, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2019

  • Prepared and led weekly class discussions for the first-year undergraduate seminar; graded response papers and presentations; held regular office hours.

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