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Ben Falcón

Ph.D. Student at The Ohio State University

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Howdy! I'm a second-year political science Ph.D. student at The Ohio State University specializing in international relations, comparative politics, and political methodology. My current research interests span the intersections between security studies, political geography, and diplomatic history, particularly concerning questions related to global environmental politics, power politics, and international conflict.


My interests include topics related to political extremism, non-traditional security, historical processes, and regional orders. I focus on cases specific to both European and Eurasian contexts. By utilizing multidisciplinary approaches and mixed methods, I explore the complex interplay between climate change and conflict and the impact of the historical consequences of war and political violence on political behavior and state-building patterns. Additionally, I have interests in borders, territoriality, and GIS/spatial analysis.

International Relations

  • IR Theory

  • International Order

  • Interstate Rivalries

  • Climate Securitization

  • Ontological (In)Security

Comparative Politics

  • Political Parties

  • Populism 

  • Green Politics

  • European Politics

  • Central and South Asian Politics



Trinity University — San Antonio, TX 

HIST 3352, Modern History of Syria (3-credit)

Dr. David Lesch, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2021

  • Prepared and led class discussions for the advanced undergraduate course; provided feedback on essays and response papers; held regular office hours.

FYE 1600, A Successful Life (3-credit)

Dr. Amy F. Holmes, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2019

  • Prepared and led weekly class discussions for the first-year undergraduate seminar; graded response papers and presentations; held regular office hours.

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